It’s Okay to not be Okay

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This site is dedicated to mental health blogs associated with the “It’s Okay to not be Okay” Facebook/Instagram page. Our goal is to help stop the stigma against mental health and to show you are not alone. It’s our time to stand up and show that mental health is just as important as any other health!

It’s Okay to not be Okay Facebook/Instagram Page

On these pages, we have motivational posts about a mental health and self-care. These posts are to help spread positivity and awareness to help those that need encouragement. For more information about the “It’s Okay to not be Okay” web pages, click on the links above.

If you like to get in contact with the owner, please visit the Facebook page. Personal messages are accepted. If you are looking for more professional help, please talk to your doctor or reach out the Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. These pages are focused primarily on giving information about mental health, not providing professional help.

“Some of the most comforting words in the universe are “me too.” That moment when you find out that your struggle is also someone else’s struggle, that you’re not alone, and that others have been down the same road.”


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