“It’s okay to feel unstable.

It’s okay to dissociate.

It’s okay to hide from the world.

It’s okay to need help.

It’s okay to not be okay.

Your mental illness is not a personal failure.”


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If this looks like a familiar topic, it is! I discussed Dysthymia briefly in my overview of all depressions blog. I felt it was important to separate each type of depression and dedicate a blog to each to get more in depth with examples. Unfortunately, depression symptoms have increased since the start of COVID, whichContinue reading “Dysthymia”

Opioid Addiction

Welcome back and I want to prepare those that this blog is a hard read. I made the example as realistic as I could to express the importance and severity of opioids. Please read with caution. Let us begin with what opioids are and what the crisis is about. Opioids are a drug that isContinue reading “Opioid Addiction”

Binge Eating Disorder

This is our last blog on eating disorders, is that not crazy? To think this site started a little over a month ago and has grown so much all thanks to you! You are helping stop the stigma against mental illness by sharing the blogs to help spread the awareness. Just like any other illnessContinue reading “Binge Eating Disorder”


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I am a guest blogger for Limerick Mental Health Association. Below are the blogs associated with them as well as there web address.

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